Event Cut-Off Temperatures

ASPA has these intended cut off temperatures: -10°F for Trail Tours and -15°F for all races. But projecting what the temperature will be around race time, while still giving everyone a chance to make it to the venue in time, is an inexact science. So ASPA follows this policy:

As part of the event announcement, the Trail Tour Guide or Race Director will announce how the cut-off will work and how you find out about whether an event will occur (it may involve calling the National Weather Service for the temperature at the airport at a certain time). S/He will then make a final decision on whether an event will be held that day by approximately two hours before the registration or gathering time. That decision will be recorded on the ASPA Hotline (907-45-SKIJOR or 907-457-5456), the Latest News section of this Web site’s home page, and by email to the ASPA mailing list.

See the ASPA Links page for a variety of sources of information about weather.

For ADMA mushing events, see here. For Anchorage Skijor Club dates, see here.

Tip: If you use Google Calendar for your own scheduling, you can add the ASPA calendar by clicking the “+ Google Calendar” button in the bottom right corner of the calendar above, and add ASPA events in a different color to your own calendar. Check out Google’s docs for more info or contact the Web master below for more info.


See the Forms page for all the relevant forms you need for races. Race Directors: please submit results using the appropriate Excel spreadsheet!

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